Homes without recent Energy Efficiency Code updates were built with HVAC equipment that was 70% efficient, duct systems leaking 20-40%, air infiltration and insulation standards were much lower than standards today.

Today HVAC equipment is 95% efficient and leaks 5%.  Better Home Performance does not intend to have our findings reflect poorly on any contractors from the past,  but we mean to find opportunities to imrove your home today.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25-40% of the energy used for heating and cooling homes is wasted.  Reducing Duct Leakage, fixing your dirty crawl space, reducing air infilitration and insulating, yield the highest benefits for indoor air quality and efficiency.

  • Studies show that up to 60% of the air you breath in your home comes from the crawl space when your windows are closed
  • If it's in your crawl space, it's in your house.  A sealed barrier on the ground under your home is essential for improving the environment inside your home.
  • It's not healthy to breath air sucked in by leaky return ducts in the attic or crawl space.  Particulates, dust, allergens, combustion by products, pesticides and humidity are then circulated back into the living space.  Fortunately these problems can be corrected by sealing techniques mainly within your duct system.
  • Building codes did not require duct work sealing until 2009.
  • 70% of homes have significant duct leakage with potential savings of 17%, according to the DOE, duct sealing and leakage testing is required on all systems installed after 2009, immediately following initial installation.
  • Air Leakage into and out of your home is usually the biggest cause behind drafts, hot/cold spots, and other comfort issues in your home.
  • Air Leakage is typically the largest cause of energy use in your home and is between 30-70% of the energy wasted on heating and cooling.
  • Air Leakage is often the largest contributer to moisture problems, especially mold and mildew.
  • Reducing air leakage is the only improvement that simultaneously improves heat, air and moisture flows in and out of your house.
  • The 3 most important things to make your home more comfortable, healthier, last longer and more efficient are.. Reduce Air Leakage - Reduce Air Leakage some more - Continue to reduce Air Leakage