Home Energy Score

Now offering the U.S. Department of Energy Home Energy Score.  Looking to sell your home?  Looking to buy a home?  Know your home, know your score.

Duct Cleaning

By utilizing the industries leading Air Duct cleaning equipment by Rotobrush, we can not only clean your ducts.  But with the Rotobrush technology we can do a visual inspection of your ducts before, during or even after cleaning.

Thermal Imaging

With the use of thermal imaging, along with other diagnostic equipment.  We can identify air leakage in your home.  We'll even let you take the thermal imaging camera for a test drive around your home so you can see it too.

Duct Sealing

A duct system that is properly sealed makes your home more comfortable, healthier and more energy efficient.  And won't it be nice to know your actually getting the air you already pay for without it leaking into the attic or crawl space?

Blower Door Testing

By utilizing a simple blower door test, we can determine how much air your loosing to the outside of your home.  Then we can get a good idea of how to air seal any leaks you may have.  Stop wasting energy and throwing money out the window (literally) and call for a blower door test to find those costly leaks.

Vapor Barrier Installation

Do you live on a crawlspace?  60% of the air you breathe in your home comes directly from the crawlspace.  To prevent mildew, mold and rot have a vapor barrier installed in your crawlspace.

What is a Home Performance Contractor?

A Home Performance Contractor evaluates an existing home with a Building Science-Based approach utilizing diagnostic tools like "Blower-Doors" and Thermal Imaging cameras to inspect and test the home.  The purpose is to assess the performance of an existing building and develop a cost effective, performance path to improve Comfort, Health and Efficiency of your home.

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